MBBS in Russia, Study MBBS in Russia

Why should Indian Students prefer Russia for MBBS over China & Philippines?

Today, Indian students are interested in pursuing their MBBS and other medical degrees from abroad. Many countries offer low-cost MBBS but Russia is the top preferable destination out of all the countries. Russia is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Russian government extensively invests in the development of the medical universities to…

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MBBS in Russia - Study MBBS in Russia

Few Awesome Reasons to Study MBBS in Russia

Russia is the largest country in the world located in northern Eurasia sharing its borders with many countries including Norway and Finland in the northwest, Poland, Ukraine, Belarus in the west, China, Mongolia and the Korean People’s Democratic Republic in the southeast. Today, Russia is leading among many countries that offer MBBS and other medical…

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In today’s time, Russia has become the hottest destination to pursue Medical Degree. The country has seen an increase of tenfold in the recent years. The Universities of Russia has topped the chart in International Rankings of the Best Universities in the world. MBBS in Russia Russian universities have the best selection process. Unlike the other countries…

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